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It’s Holywood For Pope - Briefly

September 15, 1987

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The landmark ″HOLLYWOOD″ sign that greets visitors to this movie mecca carried a different message for the arrival of Pope John Paul II on Tuesday. Pranksters covered one ″L″ in plastic so it read ″HOLYWOOD.″

After a man coming out of a dance club before dawn reported the prank, police rushed to the scene but caught no culprits, said Police Sgt. John Zrofsky. He said no one claimed credit for the alteration.

The 55-foot-tall letters, perched atop a hillside, and owned by the Hollywood of Chamber of Commerce, have been a frequent target of pranksters.

During the testimony of Lt. Col. Oliver North at the Iran-Contra hearings, it was changed to read ″OLLYWOOD.″ After penalties for possessing marijuana were reduced, it said ″HOLLYWEED.″

By Tuesday afternoon, John Paul had arrived - and the sign was back to normal.

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