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A sampling of a 1995 practice Scholastic Assessment Test

August 23, 1995

Some randomly selected questions from a practice Scholastic Assessment Test for 1995 as provided by a College Board booklet.

1_If 2x + y 5, what is the value of 4x + 2y?

(a) 5

(b) 8

(c) 10

(d) 15

(e) 20

2_A bag contains a number of pieces of candy of which 78 are red, 24 are brown, and the remainder are yellow. If the probability of selecting a yellow piece of candy from this bag at random is 1/3, how many yellow pieces of candy are in the bag?

(a) 34

(b) 51

(c) 54

(d) 102

(e) 306

3_Andrew has enrolled in a specialized culinary arts program as a way of indulging his --- French cuisine. (Fill in the blank.)

(a) abstinence from

(b) tenacity over

(c) distaste for

(d) acquisition of

(e) predilection for

4_By describing her feelings as having ``shades and degrees,″ the author suggests that:

(a) she is allowing herself to grieve only a little at a time

(b) she is numb to the pain of her grief

(c) she is overwhelmed by her emotions

(d) her sadness is greatest at night

(e) her emotional state is multifaceted

5_On a certain map, a distance of 25 miles is represented by 1.0 centimeter. How many miles are represented by 3.3 centimeters on the map?

6_How many of the first one hundred positive integers contain the digit 9?

7_Seemingly permeated by natural light, Rufino Tamayo’s painting looks as if it had been created with --- hues. (Fill in the blank.)

(a) luminous

(b) florid

(c) ominous

(d) varnished

(e) fading

8_Select the pair of words that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in ``nightmare: dream.″

(a) semaphore: signal

(b) dread: expectation

(c) lure: trap

(d) fear: victim

(e) frustration: confusion

9_Brenda received pledges from 30 people for a 50-mile bike-a-thon. If Brenda rode 50 miles and each person gave $0.10 for each mile she rode, which of the following gives the total dollar amount of money Brenda collected?

(a) 30 x 50 x 0.10

(b) 30 x 50 + 0.10

(c) 50 x 0.10 + 30

(d) 50 + 30 x 0.10

(e) 30 + 50 + 0.10

10_One number is 3 times another number, and their sum is -10. What is the lesser of the two numbers?

(a) -2.5

(b) -3.0

(c) -5.5

(d) -7.0

(e) -7.5

11_Read the following passage about Robinson Crusoe, a character in a 1719 novel about a man shipwrecked alone on an island, and answer the questions:

``As if to leave no doubt about his restless desire to travel, Crusoe contrasts himself with his business partner, the very pattern of the economic motive and of what a merchant ought to be, who would have been quite happy `to have gone like a carrier’s horse, always to the same inn, backward and forward, provided he could, as he called it, find his account in it.‴

Q1_The word ``pattern″ most nearly means:

(a) configuration

(b) duplicate

(c) decoration

(d) perfection

(e) model

Q2_It can be inferred that Crusoe’s business partner was ``like a carrier’s horse″ in that his partner was:

(a) satisfied with a life of routine

(b) descended from ancestors who were both noble and strong

(c) strong enough to bear any burden

(d) stubborn in refusing to change

(e) loyal to Crusoe to a degree of near servility


The answers to the above are:











11: Q1_e; Q2_a

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