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Letters To The Editor 5/23/2019


Mayor’s bad example

Editor: As Carbondale Mayor Justin Taylor seems to see things, those city taxpayers who do not like late fees, penalties and interest on property taxes should just not pay them.

According to The Times-Tribune, Taylor owes $42,700 in 2018 taxes to Lackawanna County and the Carbondale Area School District. Regarding $28,742 owed to the school district, he disagrees with the fees. He said he plans to sue over the collection practices of Portnoff Law Associates, the collector of delinquent taxes for the district.

Of this amount, $666 is in overdue county library taxes, which, in part, aid the Carbondale Library, just a few yards from City Hall in Carbondale. His development companies also owe a total of $2,366 in overdue city taxes to a cash-strapped municipality he’s seeking to lead for a fourth term.

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