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Yusupov Resigns Adjourned Third Game, Karpov Takes 2-1 Lead

October 6, 1989

LONDON (AP) _ Anatoly Karpov moved into a 2-1 lead in the World Chess Championship Candidates’ semifinal today after his fellow Soviet Artur Yusupov resigned their adjourned third round game without resuming play.

Play had been adjourned after six hours of battle Thursday with Karpov holding an overwhelming advantage in an endgame.

Yvette Nagel, a match official, said Yusupov gave up this morning.

The winner of the Candidates’ cycle will challenge world champion Garri Kasparov for his title in a 24-game match in October 1990. The winners of the eight-game semifinal contests will face off in the Candidates’ final in March.

In the second semifinal, Jan Timman of the Netherlands was leading British Grandmaster Jon Speelman 2-1. Their first game was drawn, Timman won the second and their third game, on Thursday, was drawn. Play resumes Saturday.

A win scores one point and a draw a half.

Karpov’s victory followed an exciting zig-zag struggle in which Yusupov appeared on the verge of a dramatic triumph over Karpov, who held the world title for 10 years until losing to Kasparov in 1985.

But in the final minutes of play on Thursday, Yusupov’s nerve snapped. He made a grave mistake on the 59th move and lost a bishop.

″This victory will be like an ointment for Karpov to relieve the psychological shock of Kasparov’s brilliant result in Tilburg,″ said Leonto Garcia, a prominent Spanish chess commentator.

On Monday, Kasparov won a top-notch tournament in the Dutch port city with a crushing score of 12 points out of 14.

The result is likely to catapult the 26-year-old titleholder past America’s Bobby Fischer as the highest ranked player of all time, when the biannual international ranking list is published on January 1.

For the past five years, Karpov, 38, and Kasparov have been locked in a bitter personal and professional battle stretching over a record-shattering four world title bouts.

Karpov is favorite to win the Candidates’ cycle and faceoff against Kasparov for a fifth time.

″Karpov has been badly off form in this match. He was in trouble in the second game as well,″ Garcia said. ″But now he’s won a game he will be able to pull himself up. He’s very likely to win the match now.″

If either contest ends in a 4-4 tie, two further games will be played, followed, if necesary, by sudden death tiebreakers at increasignly high speeds

In the fourth round on Saturday, Karpov will play with the advantage of the white pieces against Yusupov, while Speelman will faceoff with white against Timman.

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