ANKENY, Iowa (AP) — A woman who was forced to view sexually explicit photos of her examiner during a driving test is suing the Iowa Department of Transportation for damages.

The 49-year-old was seeking a license when she was paired with John Alexander for the test at the Ankeny DOT station in 2016.

Records show Alexander instructed her to pull into a parking lot, handed her his phone and instructed her to delete several photos of his penis. He then forced her to view a video of him masturbating while making comments about her breasts and his sexual history. Alexander gave her a passing score but threatened her to keep quiet. She nonetheless reported the half-hour incident to police.

Alexander, 62, was fired, pleaded guilty to felony misconduct, and was sentenced to probation.

The lawsuit accuses DOT of being negligent in hiring Alexander and allowing him to be secluded with customers.