Life Chain event gives silent witness against abortion to passersby in Aiken

October 9, 2018

On Sunday afternoon along the bypass in Aiken, a group of around 25 people lined the highway in the heat holding signs reminding people to “stop abortion now” and “pray to end abortion,” while also praying themselves.

Aiken was one of more than 1,000 cities in the United States and Canada participating in the Life Chain, according to local organizer Debbie Baer.

Mike Terry, pastor at Christ’s Way Christian Church, said the issue is important as it’s a matter of life and death, because life is sacred.

“We’re praying that the conscience of the nation will be reminded that life is precious and that we have a civic responsibility to vote to protect life,” he said.

Terry said the church has been hosting the Life Chain event in Aiken for around 12 years.

“It’s important for people first to know the scripture and that this is not so much a political issue as it is a spiritual issue. People need to understand, OK, so if God is pro-life, then we don’t really have any option to not be,” he said.

Terry said it is important, though, to be aware of which candidates are running for office so people can vote for those who are going to support life.

Ed Aromi, who coordinates pro-life efforts at St. Mary Help of Christians Catholic Church, said he is passionate about pro-life and that means all life.

“We believe in cradle to grave, it’s not just an abortion issue,” he said. “And in this day and age when it’s very clear it’s a political issue, you have to stand up and let your neighbors know. This is our chance to just give a silent witness.”

As the demonstrators stood along the road, some cars honked and some people waved, but those praying didn’t respond.

“We’re not going to respond to negative, and we’re not going to respond to positive, although it’s hard not to smile back at a car if they’re waving and saying hello, and we’re going to do it silently,” Aromi said.

“Some of our employees are going to see us, some of the people we work with are going to see us, and that’s what we want. We just want an opportunity to say we believe in Christ, and we believe in the right to life; it’s a freedom,” he said.

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