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Governor Takes Cabinet, Staff on Outward Bound Weekend

July 10, 1987

DENVER (AP) _ Gov. Roy Romer expects his lieutenant governor and his aides to follow him over a cliff if necessary - this weekend.

Fifteen staff members and 11 of the 26 cabinet officers signed up for the Outward Bound adventure at Camp Hale near Leadville, where the 10th Mountain Division trained in World War II.

The Outward Bound program s known for its outdoor tests of physical strength, endurance, teamwork and risk-taking.

Although former Gov. Richard Lamm and his wife, Dottie, both took Outward Bound courses, Romer’s cabinet and staff are the first to do it together, albeit voluntarily.

The group will total 28 - Romer, Lt. Gov. Mike Callahan, 15 staff members and 11 of the 26 cabinet members.

Cindy Parmenter, the governor’s press aide and one of the Outward Bound participants, said the group ranges in age from the late 20s to early 60s.

″The reason the governor was anxious to do it was for the team-building,″ Parmenter said. ″Now we work together on a regular basis and we really don’t know each other well yet.

″He (Romer) believes in us being a cohesive unit, and getting out and knowing what Colorado is like,″ she said.

Bruce Fitch, Outward Bound professional development program assistant director, said his office staff met with the governor in May to develop a weekend tailored to his requirements.

All 28 Outward Bound goers were expected to be at their desks Monday morning - many nursing aching musces, scrapes and bruises.

″The sum of the course is to weed out things people used to do together that don’t work - and to decide what does work,″ Fitch said. ″It’s pretty much a new way of working together that they can take back to the office.″

Parmenter said the course cost was $250 per person - each person was to pay $135 personally, and their respective departments were to pick up the remaining $115.

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