Barack Obama: Mr. Sour Grapes

September 19, 2018

On Friday, Sept. 7, former President Barack Obama decided to get back on the campaign trail, a favorite past time. He began his indoctrination right in our backyard at the University of Illinois in Champaign.

Rather than talk about what his Democratic Party can do for their constituents in the upcoming elections, Obama used the occasion to torch his successor, President Donald Trump. This is considered a rather distasteful tact and unusual for a former president. Imagine the mainstream media’s reaction had former President George W. Bush disparaged Obama’s policies — the entire Republican Party would have been branded racists … again.

It’s called deference, Barack, and your self-indulgent insolence to America’s traditions continues.

In a speech scorching Trump for evidently just having the audacity to be alive, Obama accused Trump of polarizing the nation with his supposed white supremacist attitudes and his apparent love of anything Russian. Nice words from a former president, huh? It has all the appeal and intelligence of hearing my 3-year-old grandson cuss. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Having been unaware of the impending oration, and lacking an invitation, I was left with having to read the transcript of the speech. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know I agreed with very little of what the man had to say, although he does see one item as clearly as I do. In his speech, he stated, “It did not start with Donald Trump; he is a symptom, not a cause.”

In my mind, with these words, he so much as admitted Trump is the result of what we got after eight years of near-socialist policies from President Barack Hussein Obama.

Now, we have elected a man short on manners, as well as political mannerisms, but a fighter who fully intends to drain the cesspool that exists in Washington. And doing a great job at it, in my opinion.

Trump thought so much of Obama’s speech he fell asleep.

From Illinois, Obama jetted out to southern California, that bastion of conservative thought, to gin up the liberals from our inanest state. Wouldn’t this be similar to shooting fish in a barrel? He could have “Ubered” over to speak at The Washington Post in Washington, D.C., and saved us a ton of money.

Speaking of money, try to find out who is paying for Obama’s travel expenses — and if you find out, please, let me know.

My search of the internet revealed no mention of who is paying for the lavish travel of which Obama is once again sticking us with the tab.

Even if taxpayers are not footing all the expense, we are for the security, so it is really galling that I am paying for Obama to travel around the country, a step above first class, just to besmirch the guy repairing Obama’s mess.

But Obama couldn’t just leave it at dragging Trump’s name through the mud for campaign benefit as most politicians do. In a scene right out of the Twilight Zone, the former president who nearly destroyed the U.S. economy in eight years while in office, all the while blaming Bush, is now taking the credit for Trump’s booming economy ... while simultaneously screaming about how bad Trump is doing.

You can’t make this stuff up folks; it’s real, and liberals are swallowing it hook, line and sinker. Facts be damned.

Now, this is where I could go into the numbers comparing the two presidents, but what good would it do?

Trump supporters already know and understand the facts — the economy is booming and the world respects the United States of America again; most left-leaners never let a good fact get in the way of their understanding of the way things should be ... on somebody else’s dime.

Obama, your time has passed. For eight years, you were allowed to destroy our economy and shame our country before the world, and you and your family were allowed to live lavishly off the American taxpayer. With the election of Trump, middle America (except for the state of Chicago) has said we want no more of what you are selling. You are embarrassing yourself by being back out on the campaign trail and should do like presidents before you — go home to your mansion to live out your life comfortably, again, off our dime.

If you had any integrity, you wouldn’t stick the people of Illinois with the $175 million tab for roadwork around the Obama Presidential Center, either. The one who will sit on the Jackson Park site that previously belonged to the people of Illinois, but was swindled in order to build your “shrine.”

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