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The official wording of Michigan’s marijuana proposal

October 9, 2018

The official wording of a proposal as it appears on Michigan’s ballot to legalize marijuana for recreational use:

A proposed initiated law to authorize and legalize possession, use and cultivation of marijuana products by individuals who are at least 21 years of age and older, and commercial sales of marijuana through state-licensed retailers

This proposal would:

— Allow individuals 21 and older to purchase, possess and use marijuana and marijuana-infused edibles, and grow up to 12 marijuana plants for personal consumption.

— Impose a 10-ounce limit for marijuana kept at residences and require amounts over 2.5 ounces be secured in locked containers.

— Create a state licensing system for marijuana businesses and allow municipalities to ban or restrict them.

— Permit retail sales of marijuana and edibles subject to a 10% tax, dedicated to implementation costs, clinical trials, schools, roads, and municipalities where marijuana businesses are located.

— Change several current violations from crimes to civil infractions.

Should this proposal be adopted?

( ) YES

( ) NO

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