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Three Pit Bulls Killed in Attacks, Dog Official Says People to Blame

July 20, 1987

Undated (AP) _ An off-duty New York City police officer suffered bites to his arms and legs early today in one of three reported pit bull attacks, while a dog club official said people, not the animals, were to blame for the canines’ aggressive behavior.

In other attacks, two pit bulls were shot to death Sunday when a Macon, Ga., man ran naked from his house to break up an attack on his pet dogs.

And in San Jose, Ca., police officers killed another pit bull Sunday after the beast chased several young girls, grabbed a puppy and shook it.

Still, Norman DeVictor, president of the Heart of Ohio Pit Bull Dog Club, coontended Sunday that the dogs were not born vicious but are taught to be aggressive by irresponsible owners.

″There is a serious, serious problem in urban areas caused not by the breed of dogs, but by the owners of the dogs,″ DeVictor said during a pit bull show in Mount Gilead. ″It’s a two-legged problem, not a four-legged problem.″

In the New York attack, an off-duty officer was returning some musical equipment to a basement in the Bronx at about 3 a.m. when he was attacked by the dog, according to police spokesman Sgt. Ed Burns.

The officer was listed in stable condition with damage to his arms and legs, Burns said.

The dog’s owner told police she had chained the dog in the garage of her house and didn’t know how he got loose, Burns said.

In Macon, Ga., Dave Post said he was ″buck naked″ when he ran to help his wife, Betsy, as the pit bulls attacked their dogs.

Betsy Post said she pushed her daughter into the house, grabbed a garden hose and turned it on the two pit bulls, which were attacking her two small dogs in the back yard.

Post said he fired seven shots from his 9mm pistol to kill both dogs.

A neighbor who witnessed the attack said the dogs got away from a boy of about 12 who was leading them on chains.

In California, two police officers in San Jose shot and killed a 90-pound pit bull who attacked a puppy that a girl was holding in her arms, police said.

Officers Francisco Abate and Ronald Heckel shot the male dog on Sunday night ″after neither they nor its owner could control it,″ police said in a statement.

Neither the children nor the puppy was seriously injured.

DeVictor said owners should be forbidden to train their dogs to attack people.

″I think it’s an abomination,″ he said, ″to own the dog and teach it to be man-aggressive.″

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