MHS photography club students showcased at Two Whisks

March 26, 2019

Soon, students at Manteno High School may be able to take their own senior pictures.

Colin “Noland” Bohula, a sophomore, started the school’s debut photography club.

They achieved their first milestone at the beginning of the month when some of the group’s photographers were featured as artists of the month at the Two Whisks Bakery in Manteno.

“The whole club idea was really my own doing,” Bohula said. “I had the idea and I spoke to [Casey Meier, MHS art teacher] and the principal, Roger Schnitzler, and then I formed the club. That’s really all that happened.”

The Daily Journal last interviewed Bohula in November when he was the featured artist of the month at Two Whisks.

In November, Bohula was in the process of getting a photography club started, despite the curriculum’s lack of photography classes.

Today, the club is still not official, as it is only in the beginning stages of its formation.

A few of Bohula’s friends and other students have expressed interest in joining the club, but Bohula states it has been difficult to schedule consistent meetings because of the students’ prior commitments to other clubs and extracurricular activities.

“Really, we need more people to come consistently,” Bohula said. “I know a lot of people who would be interested, but just don’t have the time.”

The club has more than 10 members, and though they’ve only scratched the surface of what they plan to do, the members have expressed their gratitude in joining Bohula’s club.

Sophomore Matthew Villarreal said the group has given him an extra push to practice the skill.

“My dad is a photographer, and showed me how fun it is. I’ve been taking pictures for a few years, but never really practiced.”

“I have definitely learned more since joining [the] photography club,” added Cheyanne Adams, a freshman. “At first, I didn’t really know how to work the settings on a camera, but now I know how to take pictures with the right settings.”

For junior Riley Fasel, the club is acting as an opportunity to pursue her passion.

“I’ve had a passion for photographer for a long time. I have been practicing photography since sixth grade. I started taking pictures off my iPod and would edit them with apps. Around freshman year, I got my first camera, a Nikon D60. I would use this to take pictures of my friends and to develop my photography skills. This year, I bought myself the Nikon D5200. I plan to use this camera to get more serious about my photography.

“I enjoy the idea of capturing the moment or telling a story through photos.”

Coming together has allowed Fasel, Bohula and the other members to learn the different genres and styles of photography, allowing them to challenge their current perceptions of what makes a good photograph.

“I have seen a lot of Riley [Fasel’s] work, and her work is more feminine and some of it can be very moody, as opposed to mine. But I do enjoy looking at her work,” Bohula said.

“Not every photographer is the same,” said sophomore Eddie Horath, “so we disagree on some things.”

As the students are exposed to differences in ideas and opinions, they have also learned to accept others’ creative strengths and preferences.

“What makes a good photographer is putting your own creativity into the photo. No photo is judged negatively because it is an art,” Fasel said. “How one person might look at an object is completely different from another person’s perspective of it.”

For many students, photography may just be a hobby. But for some MHS students, they’re getting a head-start on their career.

Bohula is developing an up-and-coming portrait business, which is available on his Instagram at @nbohulaportraiture.

“I want to make photography a serious thing in my life,” Fasel said. “I enjoy the idea of photography and would love to make a living off of it. I have an Instagram where I display my work, @photosbyfasel.”

The work of the photography club can be viewed at the Two Whisks Bakery until the end of March.