Peggy Morrell: A Republican in liberal clothing?

March 22, 2019

Editor: This in response to Mr. Rod Smith’s letter published on Thursday. Mr. Smiths letter was infiltrated with the word “I”, followed by his personal testimony and biography of being a card-carrying Democrat.

I believe this Democrat is actually a Republican, and just doesn’t know it. He reads the Bible, so being a democrat do you subscribe to the late term abortions and infanticide that is being pushed by the left?

As a gun owner, do you stand with those that push for gun controls and bans? Do you believe it’s the gun and not the shooter?

Republicans overwhelmingly believe in the right to bear arms.

Do you have a wall or fence around your house? Do you believe that we have no duty to protect our borders?

Republicans believe in the security of our borders, north and south.

In your letter, you bring up your “white” heritage. Why? If you treat all people equally, your skin color is of no consequence. Treating woman as an equal is expected, no reward is issued for that! That is not a party designation.

Republicans are no different than you. we live our lives as you do. God, Family, Country. we treasure the life of the unborn, we believe in our constitutional right to bear arms, and the sovereignty of our country. We serve on committees, are involved in our communities, and work to be better humans.

Choosing a political party is a responsibility, the choice is about finding the party the most closely reflects the humans that we are and the moral responsibilities we believe in. The party that you identify with has gone so far left, there may be no return, and there is no middle ground left. Voting Democratic for over 40 years tells me you have not expanded your thought process. You say you work side by side with Republicans, but yet, you never thought about voting Republican, even though you say you respect their opinions? At this point I can only say, “it’s OK to be a Republican”. In this county, where 68 percent are Republican, you are welcome to join us!

Peggy Morrell

Lake Havasu City