Putin knows that Trump is a coward -- Ron Thronson

October 1, 2018

Football players, from pee-wee through the professional level, learn early in the game about the talent and toughness of the player across the line of scrimmage from him.

Earlier this year in Helsinki, Russian President Vladimir Putin did just that, and he quickly ascertained that President Donald Trump was a coward.

When Trump had the opportunity to confront Putin on the world stage, he didn’t. A few NFL players have taken a knee during our national anthem. But in Helsinki, Trump turned his back on America’s flag and instead pledged his allegiance to Putin.

During the midterm campaign, Republicans are haranguing about their “family values.” With a leader such as Trump, those “family values” must include bragging about not paying income taxes, four bankruptcies, alleged affairs with porn stars, three marriages, and strong ties to Russia.

These “family value” Republicans pray for families on Sunday. But on Monday through Saturday, they prey on families.

Gov. Scott Walker and congressional candidates Bryan Steil and Leah Vukmir proudly endorse Trump. Remember that truth is the truth on Nov. 6, and don’t vote for these empty-barrel Republicans. Vote for common sense. Vote Democrat.

Ron Thronson, Edgerton

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