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Naked Man Crashes Through Windows, Is Shot Dead in Bizarre Rampage

June 3, 1990

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A homeowner shot and killed a naked man who charged through a glass door during a neighborhood rampage, police said Saturday.

The man earlier smashed his head or hand through windows at three other homes late Friday, terrorizing residents but not harming them.

There was no explanation for the bizarre assault on the San Fernando Valley neighborhood. Police were awaiting the results of coroner’s tests to determine if the man was on drugs, said Detective Rick Swanston.

The dead man was identified as Gene Brian Hollaway, 23, who lived about a mile away from the neighborhood where he was killed and did not know any of the people who were terrorized, Swanston said.

″We are looking at it as a justifiable homicide,″ he said.

Hollaway had been unemployed for about a year since being discharged from the Army.

The rampage ended when homeowner James Bruner, 38, shot Hollaway as he reportedly advanced toward Bruner’s wife, Elizabeth, after breaking into their house.

Police were called to the Bruner home about 11 p.m. Bruner, 38, told police he was at home with his wife and child when he heard a noise in the back yard, went outside and was confronted by a blood-covered naked man.

They struggled until Bruner got back inside his house and locked a sliding glass door behind him. He told his wife to call police and armed himself with a shotgun.

Hollaway then threw his body through the glass door and Bruner fired twice as Hollaway moved threateningly toward Mrs. Bruner, Swanston said.

Simultaneously, three break-ins were reported nearby.

Residents said an intruder shoved his head through a closed bathroom window at one house and began yelling, the detective said.

The man smashed a fist through a window in the front door of a second house, unlocked the door, confronted a woman, entered her bedroom, then threw himself out a front window.

A bedroom window was smashed at a third house but Hollaway did not enter. Instead he went into the back yard and disrobed before proceeding to the Bruner house.

Bruner was questioned, but was not arrested.

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