St. Stan’s introduces take home iPads

August 17, 2018

MICHIGAN CITY — For the first time, students in grades 3-8 at St. Stanislaus School will receive take-home iPads this year as part of a curriculum designed to help them transition to high school.

Principal Chris Evans said, “Technology is the way of the future. The expectation for our students is to go on to Marquette, and they are already one-to-one with iPads.”

Textbooks, state standardized tests, in-class assignments and homework all will be available for student access via their new mobile devices.

Teachers and staff at St. Stan’s spent much of Monday and Tuesday in training sessions learning how to teach and communicate with their students via both the iPads and the 65-inch Apple TVs that have been installed in their classrooms.

“I am very excited to get the iPads and Apple TVs in the classroom,” sixth-grade teacher Susan McLemore said. “It’s going to be so neat to use technology like that to teach. Kids these days are very tech-savvy, so this learning format will appeal to them like it never has before.

“In my classroom, we watch a student news TV program for social studies current events. In years previous, we watched it as a whole group. If a student was called to the office or absent, they would miss the episode. Now, with every student having their own access to the show, they can watch it on their own device, pause and take notes at their own pace. It will be so much more effective from a personal learning standpoint.”

Terri Bartels, the third-grade teacher at St. Stan’s said, “I am very excited anytime we bring technology into our classrooms, as it’s always a plus. We must keep abreast of current technologies that will enhance our learning. Our students are engulfed in technology daily. I believe they’ll enjoy using their iPads. This way of learning relates to a child’s life better. … Another progressive thing I’ll be implementing in our third-grade class is a standing desk. They, like the Apple iPads and TV, are a work in progress.”

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