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What’s In A Name? Ask Mary Christmas

December 25, 1990

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ Christmas is the name, and getting their checks and phone calls taken seriously is the game.

″It’s awful hard to get a pizza delivered,″ said Greg Christmas of northeast Indianapolis.

He said it took some coaxing to persuade his wife, Mary, to take his last name.

″It helps that most people call her Mary Ann,″ he said.

Even junk mail senders are skeptical.

″They never address it to Christmas, they always want to put an ‘n’ on the end of it to make it Christman,″ said Larry Christmas of Indianapolis.

Jossie and Clyde Christmas of West Newton have seven children, 25 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. The offspring include one Mary and one Mari.

Jeri Christmas of New Whiteland said her daughter’s given name is Mari Heather, but everyone called her Heather until recently.

″She’s in second grade now and decided she wanted everyone to call her Mari,″ she said. ″We wanted it to be her decision. We didn’t want to push her until she was ready.″

Larry Christmas said he always is amused when he meets somebody he’s talked to on the phone.

″I think they are a little disappointed I don’t look like Santa,″ he said.

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