Inside Cleveland’s Wes Anderson-inspired Airbnb

July 31, 2018

Inside Cleveland’s Wes Anderson-inspired Airbnb

CLEVELAND, Ohio - It’s impossible to watch any Wes Anderson film without wanting to step inside his whimsical world – from traveling the seas in “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” to barreling across India by train in “The Darjeeling Limited.” Around the globe, the director’s dreamy, often quirky, aesthetics have been the driving vision for everything from cafes to weddings.

If you’ve ever longed to stay at “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” a new Airbnb in Cleveland’s Edgewater neighborhood is invoking the auteur’s signature style.

Welcome to the Wes Anders Inn.

The Airbnb is the brainchild of Stephanie Sheldon, who’s also the creator behind the Cleveland Flea, a local maker, vintage and food shopping event, and Indie Foundry, which offers consulting and coaching to creative business owners. Recently, she also launched the Creative Clubhouse, a similarly dreamy, colorful co-working space for women.

It’s no surprise Sheldon’s latest ambition was to transform an Airbnb: As an avid traveler, she loves the thrill of discovering new places everywhere she goes.

“I’m a huge fan of Wes Anderson, so I decided early on that I’d use his films as my design inspiration, but specifically the women characters from various films,” Sheldon says.

Step inside and the lower level is designed with – of course – “Grand Budapest Hotel” in mind. A purple rug covers the wood floors, accenting the bright, crisp white interior. You can almost hear Gustave when you look above the fireplace to see a cotton candy pink art print reading, “You’re looking so well, darling, you really are.” 

Much like Anderson’s own repetitions of themes throughout his film, the bold prints are a cornerstone of the Airbnb. The bathroom’s blue rugs feature white lettering to spell out “Love more.” Soft pops of block-painted color are also a thread that ties the space together.

Take the pastel steps that lead you upstairs to three rooms designed around different characters – Suzy from “Moonrise Kingdom,” Rita from “Darjeeling Limited” and Margot from “The Royal Tenenbaums.”

It’s clear to see which room was designed with Suzy in mind – above the bed is a poster of her quote, “I prefer a girl hero.” Margot’s classic declaration to Ritchie – “I think we’re just gonna have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that” – hangs in another rosy pink room. Nothing encompasses Anderson’s penchant for offbeat, eccentric characters quite like the poster inspired by Rita: “What’s wrong with you.”

So, who’s this for? Along with your average Northeast Ohio visitor and Wes Anderson fan, Sheldon wanted to etch out a corner for fellow creatives and staycationers who need a sweet escape. It could also be used to host meetings or events like a bridal party. In the future, she’ll be adding a “minibar.” It doesn’t hurt that it’s a five-minute walk from Edgewater Park and a 10-minute walk down to the beach.

And, naturally, Sheldon couldn’t create a space without a local touch. The Airbnb will have 1-hour craft project kits by Cleveland business owners. And for dinner and cocktails, you’ll find recipes straight from local restaurants. You can also buy prints and magnets by local artist Lauren Noel of Lady Noel Designs, who has a line of work revolving around Wes Anderson characters.

“Self-care is important, and I think offering people a place to dip out of their daily lives and check in to a place that’s meant to surround them with design and love and whimsy can go a long way,” Sheldon says.

Amenities include: WiFi, TV, kitchen, fireplace, beach essentials

Parking: Off-site parking

Cost: $225/night

More info and booking here

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