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This content is a press release from our partner Globe Newswire. The AP newsroom and editorial departments were not involved in its creation.

ForgeRock Enhances Continuous Authentication for Customers to Embrace CARTA and Zero Trust Security Strategies

March 6, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, March 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ForgeRock®, the leading platform provider of digital identity management solutions, announced today updates to its ForgeRock Identity Platform. The company has enhanced its Intelligent Authentication framework so customers can confidently implement Zero Trust- and CARTA-like security strategies underpinned by an advanced identity platform that not only strongly authenticates users, but also continuously assures authenticity after initial login.

Identity and Access Management at the Core of Security StrategiesSecurity leaders from global organizations continue to grapple with implementing strategies to best protect their customers and employees; Identity and Access Management solutions play a key role in these strategies. CARTA, which stands for continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment, is a Gartner strategic approach. “Security and risk management leaders need to embrace a strategic approach where security is adaptive, everywhere, all the time.” By 2020, Gartner suggests “25% of new digital business initiatives will adopt a CARTA strategic approach, up from less than 5% in 2017.”*

A Zero Trust (ZT) architecture, as defined by Forrester Research, “abolishes the idea of a trusted network inside a defined corporate perimeter.” According to their October 2018 report, Five Steps To A Zero Trust Network, a Zero Trust strategy affirms that “as business becomes more data-centric, so must security strategy, architecture, and networks.”

“ForgeRock’s Intelligent Authentication framework was developed to disrupt traditional authentication by providing visual design of smart login journeys that seamlessly and dynamically adapt based on context, providing unparalleled user experiences,” said Peter Barker, chief product officer of ForgeRock. “We have incorporated continuous authentication into our Intelligent Authentication framework, so our customers can dramatically increase their identity security posture without sacrificing user experience.”

“Typically as users authenticate, they are issued a token or cookie that is good until it expires or is revoked. Modern approaches to authentication include capturing context at time of login - location, browser type, IP address and many other factors,” said Simon Moffatt, director product management of ForgeRock. “The ForgeRock approach is to continuously validate not just the that the token is valid and active, but also that the context that existed when the token was issued still exists. If discrepancies are found, the traditional allow or deny responses are often being replaced by more fine grained and subtle avenues such as ‘allow, but throttle access’ or ‘allow access but redact content’.”

More information on ForgeRock’s Intelligent Authentication solution can be found here.

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About ForgeRock

ForgeRock® is the Digital Identity Management company transforming the way organizations build trust and interact securely with customers, employees, devices, and things. Organizations adopt the ForgeRock Identity Platform™ as their digital identity system of record to monetize customer relationships, address stringent regulations for privacy and consent (GDPR, HIPAA, FCC privacy, etc.), and leverage the Internet-of-Things. ForgeRock serves hundreds of brands, including Morningstar, Vodafone, GEICO, TomTom, and Pearson, as well as governments such as Norway, New Zealand, and Belgium, among many others. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, ForgeRock has offices in Austin, London, Bristol, Grenoble, Munich, Paris, Oslo, Singapore, Sydney and Vancouver, Washington. ForgeRock is privately held, backed by leading global venture capital firms Accel Partners, Foundation Capital, Meritech Capital and KKR. For more information and free downloads, visit www.forgerock.com or follow ForgeRock on social media:

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* Gartner, “Seven Imperatives to Adopt a CARTA Strategic Approach,” 10 April 2018** Forrester, “Five Steps To A Zero Trust Network,” 1 October 2018

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