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Drug Delivery May Have Been Set-Up

June 9, 1998

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Patricia Hearst Shaw claims that federal drug agents may have tried to set her up by delivering drugs to her house and believes it may have something to do with her request for a presidential pardon.

``We’re not ruling anything in and we’re not ruling anything out,″ her attorney, George Martinez, told The Associated Press when asked if he believed the government was involved in the incident.

Martinez has asked Attorney General Janet Reno to look into the matter. The Justice Department has promised a ``detailed and expeditious″ response.

Hearst Shaw, who was kidnapped in 1974 and convicted of robbing a bank with her captors, suspects drug agents may be behind the incident in February, when a package was delivered to her home by United Parcel Service.

Thinking the package might be a bomb, she refused to open it and called police.

``I always look my mail over because of having spent 18 months with terrorists who thought up things like this,″ she says in the June 15 edition of The New Yorker. ``They would sit around and dream up ways to kill people.″

Minutes later a truck pulled up that she assumed was part of a bomb squad. A man and a woman came to her door and flashed badges identifying themselves as federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents.

The agents said they did not know who sent the package, which they said contained narcotics, but were prepared to arrest Hearst Shaw for accepting them. They said they were tipped off to the delivery.

Since Hearst Shaw did not take the box into her home and contacted police right away, she had done ``everything right,″ according to the agents.

Hearst Shaw said she still has flashbacks from the time she spent with the Symbionese Liberation Army. After her conviction, she spent two years in jail for a robbery she said she was forced to commit.

Her prison term was commuted by President Carter, but she is hoping to clear her name with a pardon.

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