Colorado man sentenced to jail time for assault

September 26, 2018

Earl Walter-Brandon Curtice, 20, 63699 Hwy. 491, Dove Creek, Colorado, was sentenced in 51st Circuit Court Tuesday to one year discretionary jail with 141 days credit and one year and six months of probation on a charge of assault with a weapon.

According to the police report discussed in court by Curtice’s defense attorney Douglas Stevenson, Curtice pulled a knife on multiple victims, but no injuries were reported and there was no indication that he used the knife.

“What happened on that day was a pretty silly thing he did. Fortunately there were no injuries involved in it,” Stevenson said. “Both victims indicated that there was no thrusting of the knife or any indicator that Curtice was going to use it.”

Curtice apologized to the court for his actions, adding that he has had a lot of time to think about the May 8 incident.

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