Test data: Pot No. 1 drug used in county, state

April 3, 2019

Marijuana, cocaine and amphetamines are the top three illegal drugs of choice in Allen County, according to data from Forensic Fluids Laboratories.

Results generated by oral fluid drug testing performed in Indiana’s 92 counties found that marijuana is the top drug used statewide. The same is true for Michigan and Ohio, according to a news release from the company late Monday afternoon. Other drugs found include opiates, cocaine and methadone.

In Allen County, 18.6% of those tested showed positive for THC, the psychoactive component to marijuana. About 7% tested positive for cocaine and about 5.6% tested positive for amphetamines. 

The data is the result of testing the company performed for the court system, as well as testing for preemployment drug screening and workplace accident reports. The company acknowledged Michigan’s decision to legalize recreational Marijuana in December 2018 may have contributed to that state’s higher THC statistics. 

In Wells County, 14.8% tested positive for THC, 11.4% tested positive for amphetamines and 9.8% tested positive for meth.

In Whitley County, amphetamines were the most-used drug at 16.2%. Both meth and THC had a 10.2% positive rate, the data shows. 

Forensic Fluids Laboratories performs oral fluid drug tests. The company’s website says it provides drug testing that is “simple, fast and radically informative,” with positive or negative results returned within eight to 24 hours. 

Officials with the Allen County Health Department and the Allen County Drug and Alcohol Consortium were unavailable for comment Tuesday.