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Guam police review panel seeks chief’s help

February 21, 2014

HAGATNA, Guam (AP) — Members of the Guam Police Review Commission decided Friday to seek more support from the police chief as it works to hear citizen complaints against police officers.

The commission has long struggled to get funding, resources and meeting space, the Pacific Daily News (http://is.gd/SMfpmn) reported.

Commissioners approved a motion to write a letter to the chief seeking help.

Police spokesman A.J. Balajadia said the department would reserve comment until it receives the letter.

The panel also made the Chamorro Land Trust Commission building in Tiyan its new home.

Commission member Joana Blas said the space would be rent-free but has no power connection, carpeting or furnishings. Also, the commission would have to pay for electricity and maintenance.

“We don’t have funding right now,” said Blas, mayor of Asan-Maina. “There’s nothing in the budget.”

The commission has expected to receive office space in another building from the Department of Land Management, but the attorney general’s office never signed off on an agreement.

Roland Taimanglo, who was selected as commission chairman, proposed writing to the police chief to ask for the agency to take responsibility for the cost of housing the commission.

Taimanglo noted that the statute empowering the commission calls on the police department to provide support for office space.

“This law is supposed to be a partnership,” he said.

Commissioners also addressed another long-term issue — the lack of standard operating procedures to guide it in dealing with complaints.

“It would be great if the chief was part of this. He’s a partner,” Taimanglo said. “The chief’s cadre of experts should be able to develop standard operating procedures.”

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