La Porte Santa Parade marches in the holidays

November 26, 2018

LA PORTE – Downtown Lincoln Way brought Santa Claus to town on Saturday.

La Porte is no stranger to parades, well known for its massive Fourth of July parade, making it the perfect route for Santa. Weather couldn’t have been any better for the more than 400 attendees along the parade route, which started off Teegarden Street, went east down Lincoln Way to Detroit Street, looped back along State Street, and ended at Santa’s Chalet off Michigan Avenue.

The parade lasted about a half hour, having started at noon. Floats and horses made up the bulk of the parade, with Santa Claus himself at the conclusion riding atop a firetruck.

The biggest attraction for most children, besides Santa, was the candy. Many of the parade participants threw candy, so if you missed Halloween, you had a great chance at scoring some treats at the Santa Parade.

Paula Loeffler and her daughter, Graysen, of La Porte, sat on a truck parked along Lincoln Way watching the parade go by. This was their first time attending the parade.

“Candy, and Santa!” Graysen said were her favorites, holding a bag of mixed candy. Candy canes were her favorite of the bunch.

Matt Presley, who attended with his son Madden, of La Porte, comes every year. Madden enjoyed the candy the most.

Along with Presley was his friend, Chris Edquist, of Rochester Illinois. A former Slicer, Chris brought his daughter Ella out to see the parade.

“I like the candy canes and Santa,” Ella said.

“It’s great weather this year. My parents live here and it’s a good place to bring the kids,” Chris said.

Maisie Cowgill and her grandfather Gary Schoof, of La Porte, sat atop a planter along Lincoln Way.

“I came for Santa and the chocolate,” Maisie said. Her grandfather held up a sequin Santa hat full of candy.

Kristine Petersen and her two daughters, Olivia and Emma, came from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and are visiting family in La Porte.

“We came to see the parade, to get into the holiday spirit,” Kristine said, as they posed for a picture in front of a Christmas tree along Michigan Avenue.

Emma’s favorite part was the horses, of which there were many, in the parade. Her candy of choice was a blue sucker.

Alesha Laws and her two children, Miranda and Noah, all from La Porte, came for their third time to the Santa Parade. They agreed Santa was their favorite and suckers were the candy of choice. When asked what they will request from Santa, they said a new kitchen.

Lisa and Joel Galvas, of La Porte, brought their daughter Isabella out to see Santa. Isabella admired the horses and said they were her favorite part of the parade. In lieu of candy, Isabella had a yellow squishy toy hedgehog given to her by a motorcyclist participating in the parade. She stated she was not sure what she was going to ask Santa yet, as she stood in line to see the big man. This was their ninth year in attendance.

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