Most men don’t see unintentional bias -- Liz Amundson, Madison

February 7, 2019

The State Journal’s recent profiles of candidates for Madison mayor showed bias.

Compare these opening lines:

“Raj Shukla is confident and ready to become Madison’s next mayor.”“Satya Rhodes-Conway has worked with mayors from around the country on some of the most pressing issues facing cities.”“Mo Cheeks ... rose to be a technology executive and has been elected three times to the City Council.”

Rhodes-Conway served three terms on the Madison City Council, too, and also seems confident and ready to become mayor. She is the managing director at her job.

Can you see how two of the male candidates’ first paragraphs are so different from the one female candidate’s? In the first paragraph of Rhodes-Conway’s profile, she “worked with mayors.”

These are the sorts of things many women notice and most men don’t: unintentional bias toward men and against women.

By the way, I have not met any of the three candidates yet, and am undecided.

Liz Amundson, Madison

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