The past 100 years May 3, 2019

May 3, 2019

From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

May 3, 1919: Miss Louise Crow, for the first time, is showing some of her studies of Indians at the New Museum. From the beginning of her stay in Santa Fe she has been intensely interested in these wonderful people and has been very desirous of learning about every phase of their life and culture, so that through an understanding of them she would be more capable of portraying their character.

May 3, 1994: San Pedro Mining Corp. will have to apply for a mining permit if it wants to continue extracting garnet from the San Pedro Mountains near Golden, the Santa Fe County Commission ruled Monday night.

The unanimous decision came from a second full day of hearings, which began Friday and totaled nearly 20 hours.

The central issue before the commission was whether the company was mining at the San Pedro Mine site in the 36-month period after February 1991.The county’s mining law calls for any mining company t submit a new mining application if it wants to work a mine site that has been abandoned for three years.