WWII survivor receives day of honor

September 19, 2018

HUNTINGTON — It’s not every day that the mayor issues a proclamation and declares a date is hereby named after you.

On Tuesday, Sept. 18, the City of Huntington formally can celebrate Wetzel “Sundown” Sanders Day. Sanders is one of two survivors left from the attack on Pearl Harbor residing in West Virginia.

He served for four years in the U.S. Army and then re-enlisted for another three years in the U.S. Marines. When asked how he got the nickname “Sundown,” he answered, “Me, my friend and his dad used to raise chickens. My friend and I would steal those chickens and go up to the woods and have a campfire,” he said. “Someone once asked me when the best time to steal chickens is? I told them anytime after sundown. The name has stuck with me ever since.”

Sanders enlisted in the service in 1941, and was honorably discharged in 1949.

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