Letter: Voting in next election is important

October 9, 2018

I am a Democrat.

I’m upset, no I’m mad. I don’t like being lied to. Sean Hannity has said repeatedly there is no global warming.

We in the Aiken area just dodged a bullet, but the people who got flooded out from Hurricane Matthew are now being flooded out by Hurricane Florence.

How often do we have to have 100-year storms to realize global warming is real and it affects us? We, the United States, retreated from the Paris agreement because it was too costly.

No, 100-year storms every other year are costly. When your neighbor gets flooded or a tree crashes through their house, we pay for it. This is a fact. Insurance companies do not lose money. They pay out on policies; we live in the neighborhood so we pay through our premiums.

I believe the U.S. is a great country. I believe the Constitution and the Bill of Rights define us as a people. I believe the First Amendment gives us the right to say what you thank and say what you feel. It does not give you the right to scream fire in a crowded theater just to see what happens.

I love my country our system of democracy, one person, one vote.

I am a democrat. I would not trade democracy and capitalism for communism and socialism.

We had a saying when I was younger, “better dead than red,” and it still works for me.

The problem with democracy is you have to exercise it. If you don’t vote, it doesn’t work. Recently, I worked an election in Aiken County and the amount of people who didn’t vote was disturbing. Only about 125 voters exercised their right out of about 2,000 registered for the precinct.

We need to take back control of our government. President Donald Trump promised do drain the swamp only to refill it with billionaires who don’t care about us.

While there may be a lot of jobs right now making $12.38 an hour without benefits at the local big box stores, it’s not going to pay for your wife to stay home with your two kids.

CEOs should not be making hundreds of millions of dollars on the backs of working people. The Trump tax cut only helps the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. It doesn’t work much for the working stiff.

We need a more level playing field. Right now, the field is so tilted toward the rich that the working poor will never be able to get up. If want the future to be fair for everyone, please go to the polls and vote.

I want to see fairness for the future for everyone in this country.

James Horch

Aiken County Democratic Party Precinct 35 executive

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