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Thatcher Fans Handcuff Themselves to Railings With AM-Britain-Politics, Bjt

November 23, 1990

LONDON (AP) _ At least two of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s loyal fans on Friday found it hard to let go of the woman who quit after 11 1/2 years in power.

Jean Rogers and Mark Kingscote from the Torbay Conservative Association handcuffed themselves to railings outside the home of Michael Heseltine to protest his ″betrayal″ of their beloved Mrs. Thatcher.

Heseltine’s challenge to Mrs. Thatcher for the Conservative Party leadership led to her resignation on Thursday.

Mrs. Rogers and Kingscote said he had ″stabbed her in the back.″

″We have been faithful,″ said Mrs. Rogers, who described herself as a housewife. ″We are disgusted about what has happened.″

Mrs. Rogers and Kingscote, 29, who works in a jeweler’s shop, also were angry with Nigel Lawson, Edward Heath, Sir Geoffrey Howe and the Conservative members of Parliament who voted against Mrs. Thatcher in the first round of the leadership battle.

The couple carried a placard which read: ″Maggie made us great, you have destroyed us.″

They said they were part of a group of 40 faithful Thatcher supporters who had traveled from Devon to register their anger.

″We would have liked Maggie to stay on,″ Mrs. Rogers said. ″The only time I thought she would leave Number 10 was in a coffin. I feel like I am in mourning.″

After 10 minutes, the pair freed themselves and told reporters they were heading to Downing Street to continue their pro-Thatcher protest.