Arrest made in slaying near bar

September 28, 2018

Codi McCann was shot to death inside a red 1999 Pontiac Grand Am on a freezing winter night.

He was sitting in the passenger seat, waiting for a friend to come out of the State Bar and Grill on East State Boulevard around 10 p.m. Dec. 6, 2016. The friend was making a deal to sell marijuana, court records indicated.

On Thursday, the Allen County prosecutors charged Quentin Stewart, 28, with murder in McCann’s death. Stewart was arrested Wednesday in Lake County and will be transported to Allen County, Michael Joyner, Fort Wayne police spokesman, said.

Shell casings from Stewart’s gun found near the Pontiac tied him to the case, a probable cause affidavit said.

Stewart’s black .45-caliber High Point handgun, found after the shooting under the passenger seat of the car of a woman believed to be Stewart’s girlfriend, had blood on it when police discovered it, court records said.

The driver of the Pontiac Grand Am told police he asked McCann to come to the bar because he had a gun and he felt uneasy about meeting with a man known as “City,” court records said.

Stewart was dropped off by his girlfriend at California Avenue and State Boulevard near the bar around 9:45 p.m, according to her statement, included in court documents. The girlfriend told police she didn’t know why Stewart asked to be taken there.

Inside the bar, “City” was waiting for McCann’s friend. City was nervous that night and McCann was told to stay in the car, court records said.

After City and the friend had a drink, the two walked back to the car and the friend told City to hop in the back seat.

City refused.

“What the (expletive) man,” City said as the friend noticed that McCann was slumped against the passenger door. He tried to shake McCann and then noticed he was bleeding.

The friend ran back into the bar to call 911 while City told the friend not to mention his name to police, court records said.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend who said she dropped Stewart off near the bar, told police she heard gun shots as she drove away and then got a call from Stewart shortly after to say he’d been shot.

The girlfriend took Stewart to a nearby hospital. 

During an interview with police in January 2018, the friend said he and McCann had gone to the bar to sell marijuana, not to buy the drug. 

The friend noticed that the marijuana in the car was missing after the shooting and that it had been in the car while he went into the bar to meet City.

In February 2018, Stewart told his girlfriend that he shot back, meaning that he didn’t initiate the shooting. However, most of the side front door glass where McCann was sitting when he was shot was inside the car, court records said.

McCann’s mother, Stacey Davis, now an activist with the group Justice Accountability and Victims Advocacy or JAVA, said she arrived at her son’s crime scene, frantic, praying and hoping that her son wasn’t dead.

Police at the scene interrogated her, Davis said, and then told her they would call her later.

“They didn’t offer me a warm place to sit,” Davis recounted. “I just needed to know if it was him.”

Later she developed a bond with Detective Scott Tegtmeyer of the Fort Wayne Police Department, who kept her apprised of the developments in the case.

Davis said she kept tabs on Stewart, who she said spent a month and a half in a coma after he was shot in the torso.

″(The bullet) shredded his liver and came out his chest. He lost part of the lung,” Davis said.

He then went to Lake County to recover at his grandmother’s house.

When Tegtmeyer texted her Wednesday to say Stewart was in custody, it was a day she never thought she’d see.

Davis felt that her activism and criticism of the Allen County Prosecutor’s office might have been used against her in solving her own son’s case, she said.

The news thrilled her.

“I was beside myself. I thought I was sacrificing Codi’s case to be loud and to be part of JAVA,” Davis said.


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