LETTER: Deal with issues in productive fashion

April 10, 2019

I believe we all agree that we need a comprehensive solution for immigration, for safety from gun violence, and for dealing with foreign adversaries seeking to sow discord and to undermine our society.

Who wants foreign adversaries sowing discord and seeking to undermine our society? Few, if any. Who wants to see a festering ugly immigration situation that helps no one continue? Few, if any. Who wants to see continued gun violence using weapons designed for war being used in our schools against children? Few, if any.

Using the one not mentioned, abortion, we can see that even here we don’t disagree as much as we pretend to. It is not a point of pride for any woman to have an abortion. No woman wants an abortion.

There are situations, be they health, be they rape, be they incest, that bring up the choice of an abortion that touch all of us in our hearts, if we are honest with ourselves. Even the most ardently opposed to abortion understand the difficulty of the struggle for the woman involved in these circumstances. Even here there is greater understanding and compassion than we pretend.

What is keeping us from solutions to these issues is using them to pretend that we are opposed to each other in solving them by holding very extreme positions. We really don’t.

We need to focus on those voices in our society that are seeking to deal with these issues productively to bring us back together. Jerry Eaton, Sioux City