Newell School Board approves establishing a district ACT testing site

January 18, 2019

NEWELL — The Newell School Board Monday approved Superintendent Robin Dutt’s request to make Newell High School a site for ACT district testing.

ACT district testing will allow Newell High School students to take the ACT at their school during regular school hours instead of traveling to a different town to take the test on a weekend. This is the first year Newell School District will be taking part in ACT district testing.

First implemented in 2007, ACT district and state testing has made it possible for students in 47 states to take the ACT in their own classroom. The goal of ACT district testing is to give students the opportunity to judge their academic skills and college readiness in a familiar and convenient environment. With district testing, all students have the opportunity to take the ACT, not just students already determined to go to college. The hope of ACT district testing is that students not planning to continue their education may see that they have the skills to do so.

The paper ACT test will be administered at Newell High School April 2. Online test taking is offered by the ACT as well, and windows for taking the online version of the test for Newell High School will be April 2-4 and April 9-11. Only students enrolled at Newell High School will be able to take the ACT during the scheduled ACT district testing days.

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