Letter to the editor: Is socialism good or bad?

October 5, 2018

In these turbulent times, a distinction must be made between voluntary socialism and mandatory socialism. America has thrived on generous people helping people -- voluntarily -- enabled by an industrious work ethic and a wealth-producing, free enterprise system.

Mandatory socialism -- be it communism, fascism, Clintonism, Obamaism or Bernieism -- uses the force of government laws to redistribute people’s wealth through excessive taxation, regulation, wage laws, etc. Their age-old mantra is “Big Government should take from each person according to his ability and give to each person according to his need.” It sounds “humane,” but it crushes individual freedom, initiative and creativity in order to gain power and control over a country. Socialists smooth-talk people into being “paying pawns” to make a legacy for themselves by “fixing” society in their own image.

Mandatory socialism is like cancer. It feeds on healthy flesh (other people’s money) until that is used up -- killing the host. Had the progressive socialists won in 2016, they would have secured the death of the America our Founders envisioned -- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- as each individual defines it for himself or herself -- within constitutional guidelines.

If Pennsylvania is to become economically great again, we must replace more socialist- minded liberals with business-savvy public servants like Lou Barletta and Scott Wagner. President Trump’s leadership has revitalized America. Rather than demand what the government will do for you, ask God what you can do to make America -- and Pennsylvania -- great again.

Leonard J. Ransil


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