North Augusta traffic stop leads to arrest for drugs, narcotics, firearms

April 6, 2019

A traffic stop initiated for speeding led officers to discover a much more serious crime, according to reports from the North Augusta Department of Public Safety.

NADPS has applied for warrants to charge Terrence Turmon, of North Augusta, with trafficking cocaine, possession of crack cocaine, possession of marijuana, unlawful carrying of a pistol, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He has also been issued citations for speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.

On Thursday, April 4, an NADPS officer witnessed a vehicle speeding on Womrath Road in the area of Norman Street, according to an incident report. The vehicle, which was being driven by Turmon, was reportedly going 57 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone.

According to reports, Turmon did not “pull over right away” after the officer initiated a pursuit, and the officer believed Turmon was attempting to flee.

Turmon eventually pulled over on Thurmond Street. The officer witnessed Turmon display “nervous” behavior and also saw several plastic bags and vacuum-sealed bags on the seats and floorboard of the car.

A K-9 unit was deployed to search for drugs, and Turmon and the passenger riding with him were removed from the vehicle. According to reports, Turmon told officers more than once that nothing illegal was in the vehicle.

After the police dog gave a positive alert for illegal substances, officers searched the vehicle.

They discovered a bag of about 3 grams of a leafy green substance believed to be marijuana in the console of the vehicle.

In a backpack, officers found an 87-gram bag of a powdery substance, a 19-gram bag of another powdery substance, and a 6-gram bag of a rock-like substance, all of which tested positive for cocaine. The backpack also contained four other bags (weighing 450 grams, 393 grams, 19 grams and 41 grams each) of a leafy green substance believed to be marijuana.

Officers also found a 9mm MAC-11 firearm loaded with hollow point rounds, two vacuum sealed bags with marijuana residue and two electronic scales in the vehicle.

In the backseat, officers also located a pair of jeans which contained $12,857 in cash in the pockets.

According to the report, the passenger of the vehicle stated the jeans were his but that Turmon “was the one wearing them.”

He was booked to the Aiken County detention center following the search of the vehicle.