MADRID, Spain (AP) _ Alluding to a parliamentary deputy's cleavage has landed a ruling party politician in hot water.

The opposition Socialist party said Wednesday it has filed a formal protest, backed by all the opposition parties and even the government's parliamentary allies, after Popular Party founder Manuel Fraga dismissed a Socialist deputy's debating skills by saying: ``The only thing she showed was her cleavage.''

Fraga made the comment at a press conference on Oct. 30 after a parliamentary debate between deputy Clementina Diez and Education Minister Esperanza Aguirre.

``We've made a formal protest to the president of the parliament, demanding that he makes a declaration on Manuel Fraga's comments,'' said Socialist party spokeswoman Isabel Sanchez.

The Socialists waited until Tuesday to file the protest because it was gaining the backing of six of the seven parties in parliament _ all but the Popular Party _ seeking a statement of condemnation.

Fraga is the president of the northwestern autonomous region of Galicia and a founding member of the Popular Party.

The flap comes almost a year after female legislators from all parties except the Popular Party _ 53 of the 75 women in the 350-seat parliament _ stormed out of the chamber when Deputy Prime Minister Francisco Alvarez Cascos told a female legislator not to ``get all worked up'' about an allegedly sexist comment by Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's spokesman.