Wyoming Valley Women Win Team Match Trophy

November 29, 2018

The 2018 Ladies Southern Team Matches were won this year by Wyoming Valley Country Club. The ladies were triumphant over the Glenmaura National Team in the final match of the year, squeaking out a win by 1/2 point. The teams participating in the play were Frosty Valley C.C., Irem Temple C.C., Glenmaura National C.C. and Wyoming Valley C.C. They played each other in a Match Play format with the winner determined by overall points. Representing Wyoming Valley Country Club this year were: holding the trophy, first row, from left, captains Rose Senunas and Debbie Mileski. Second row: Marie Mihalos, Becky Kulbaski, and Linda Stubb. Third row: Rosemary Chromey and Pat Alansky. Fourth row: Sue Elczyna Irvin, Jane Williams, Natalie Sokoloski, Mary Zabresky, Karen Kempinski and Nancy McLaughlin. Also participating were Donna Long and Lisa Miller.

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