Political graffiti is a bad look for Santa Fe

March 31, 2019

Political graffiti — this is deplorable! What has our city come to? Previously on private property, this political sign now appears on Don Gaspar Avenue, a major street in the South Capitol neighborhood and hangs from a tree directly in the city right of way. Not only the sign, but the defacement of the sign, is classless and does not represent our city well! It is political graffiti and still standing.

Linda Murphy

Santa Fe

Refugees on the border

I don’t share Mark Coble’s (“Neither and both,” Letters to the Editor, March 19) view that mention the sun and solar cycles must accompany discussions of climate change — it suggests that all discussion of the perils we face from the extreme climate events of recent years should always go back to geo-atmospheric basics. However, his feeling that articles dealing with the current plight of refugees at the U.S.-Mexico border should always include the word “illegal” would itself constitute “fake news.” The refugees being assisted in shelters are indeed “legal,” having passed credible fear interviews conducted by ICE and subsequently released to await the judicial determination of their status. I encourage Coble to attend immigration court hearings, where he might learn that these people actually seek out U.S. officials at the border to present their case according to the laws of the United States. Those not judged to have a credible case are deported, not released.

David Henkel

Santa Fe

Close the borders

I contacted Sen. Martin Heinrich on border security and his response was: “Those of us who represent and actually understand our nation’s border region know that the construction of a border wall is not an effective or smart way to enforce immigration laws or protect our national security.”

I am not interested in his drivel. Conditions on our border allow drug running, human trafficking and undocumented people crossing — which bring disease and crime. Open borders result in thousands of deaths from drug overdoses and crimes committed by people who came illegally. The federal government estimates that 1 in 5 of the 185,507-plus inmates in federal prisons is foreign-born, with 94 percent here illegally.

If we had secure borders, these crimes could never have happened.

The Israelis have shown what a border wall will do, and it does keep out the bad guys.

The wall below San Diego has resulted in fewer security issues for the U.S.

Sen. Heinrich swore to “support and defend” our U.S. Constitution and thus provide security for the citizens and legal residents of these United States. I do not believe he is doing that.

Edward R. Brown

Santa Fe

Thoughts on rough patch



(Any 50 percent-off tire coupons?)

U.S. presidency

Nuclear waste!

Loralee Freilich

Santa Fe

Don’t read this book

A reader recommended the book The Mythology of Global Warming by Bruce Bunker. I am appalled at this recommendation. Bunker claims that the data doesn’t support claims of global warming, but anyone interested in that claim should understand that science works by producing measurements that are reproducible, repeatable and consistent. It is not adequate to make a claim using data that 99 percent of the scientific community can’t replicate. I urge adults to become literate with how science is done. Claims are not made to be used to promote a political agenda. They are made based on the data. Politicians and citizens should then use these valid (reproducible) claims to make policy.

Cynthia Weehler

Santa Fe

Go, Ben Ray!

There is no better choice to succeed Sen. Tom Udall than Congressman Ben Ray Luján. As chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, he helped make possible a 41-seat victory for his party last year. After 10 years of his name on the ballot in the 3rd Congressional District, the time has come for him to appear on the ballot of all registered voters in the Land of Enchantment. What would be really cool is if his House seat is succeeded by a woman. That way, New Mexico will have both a female governor and an all-female House delegation, a scenario slightly similar to when New Hampshire had both a female governor and an all-female federal delegation from 2013-14. Wouldn’t it be nice for a predominantly Hispanic state to have an actual Hispanic as their senator?

Rob Rosenberg

McLean, Va.

Dishonoring creation

Earth was conceived out of great love. So many of us grieve over the killing of the precious animals that were to abide alongside we humans. Those heartless ones who get joy from coyote killings are dishonoring creation.

Tobi Wilde

Santa Fe