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Cisneros’ Ex-Mistress Settles for $49,000

May 19, 1995

LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) _ Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros’ former mistress settled her lawsuit against him for $49,000 on Friday, promising not to kiss and tell about their 2 1/2-year affair.

Linda Medlar, 45, had sought $256,000, claiming Cisneros reneged on a promise to pay her $4,000 a month after their 1989 breakup. Cisneros denied he promised to support Ms. Medlar, but said he sent her money as recently as 1993 because he felt sorry for her.

Seagal Wheatley, Cisneros’ attorney, said the housing secretary settled to avoid a long and costly trial on a ``very doubtful and disputed claim.″

The payments prompted a Justice Department investigation into whether Cisneros misled FBI agents during his background check for the Clinton Cabinet.

The settlement forbids the former lovers from making disparaging remarks about each other. They also agreed not to talk to the media about their relationship or to seek money from book or movie deals.

Cisneros wouldn’t comment on the settlement.

A woman identifying herself as Ms. Medlar’s mother said Ms. Medlar was sleeping and did not want to talk to reporters.

Ms. Medlar’s lawyer, Floyd Holder, said the two settled because they are tired of the emotional and financial drain of the July lawsuit.

Ms. Medlar claimed that Cisneros agreed to the payments to help make up for her humiliation and the damage to her career as a fund-raiser after their affair became public in 1988. At the time, Cisneros was mayor of San Antonio.

Publicity about the affair wrecked her marriage, got her fired from jobs and made her the target of death threats, she said. She is unemployed.

Cisneros said in a sworn statement that he sent money to Ms. Medlar over the years _ $55,000 in 1993 alone _ because he felt sorry for her.

The Justice Department concluded that Cisneros provided the FBI with false information about the amount he sent Ms. Medlar. Attorney General Janet Reno has recommended a special prosecutor investigate further.

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