Legalizing drugs would solve problems -- James Maas

July 12, 2018

The problem of increased heroin deaths in Madison has the city stumped, according to the State’s Journal July 6 story, ” City’s heroin deaths at all-time high.”

The increase has two causes. First is the war on drugs which creates profit incentives in the black market for dangerous drugs. Second is the big pharma complex in cahoots with the Food and Drug Administration which profits from treating pain with dangerous drugs.

In a free market, instead of a black market, heroin would come in a pure pharmaceutical grade of various identified doses. No surprises. A doctor or pharmacist consultation would be required. (Before 1914, one of the most popular heroin products was Bayer’s Heroin.)

There is a simple solution. Alcohol prohibition was a problem. It was fixed.

End drug prohibition. All of it. It has resulted in unnecessary deaths and ruined lives.Cannabis should be legal and available for a variety of medical purposes, as it was prior to 1937.

Who will come up with these solutions? Already done. At the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin state convention, the platform was updated to call for the end of drug prohibition. The Libertarian candidate for governor, Phil Anderson, announced his candidacy on the Capitol Square last October. But that wasn’t covered in the State Journal.

James Maas, Weston

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