Arnold man accused of trying to sell another man’s refrigerator

September 1, 2018

Police say an observant neighbor in Arnold foiled the attempted theft of a refrigerator.

On Aug. 3, police say, Reynard Ford, 32, of Riverside Drive, was seen removing a refrigerator from a home on 16th Street with the assistance of two other men.

Another man, who also lives on 16th Street, called police to say he saw the three men loading the fridge into a pickup truck and found it odd, as none of the men lived at the home from which they removed the fridge.

The neighbor told police, according to court documents, that he approached the men and asked what they were doing, but that none had a straight answer. The neighbor called the homeowner, according to court documents, who told him that no one should be in the house.

When Arnold Patrolman Colton Stebler arrived and asked the men what they were doing, Ford told him that the owner of the 16th Street home had sold him the fridge for $40, according to court documents.

The two men with Ford told Stebler, according to court documents, that Ford had flagged them down as they were passing the home on the previous day and offered to sell them the refrigerator. The men, Stebler wrote in court documents, were under the impression that Ford was the homeowner since he had called to them from the porch when he offered to sell the fridge and had opened the front door to let them in the home when they arrived to pick it up.

Stebler called the homeowner, according to court documents, who told him he had not sold the fridge to Ford or anyone else, that Ford was unfamiliar to him, and that people had broken into the home in the past through the back door.

Stebler told the court he ordered Ford and one of the other men to put the fridge back in the home along with its doors, which they had removed to get it through the front door of the house.

Stebler searched Ford and found a syringe and a spoon in his pocket, according to court documents.

After Ford was in custody, according to court documents, he told Stebler he had entered the home through an unlocked door.

Ford is facing charges of burglary and possession of drug paraphernalia. Ford waived his right to a preliminary hearing on those charges before District Judge Frank J. Pallone Jr. Thursday in New Kensington.

Ford is free on bond ahead of a formal arraignment scheduled for Oct. 24 before Judge Rita D. Hathaway in Greensburg.

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