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FBI Killers May Have Killed Each Others’ Wives, Police Say

April 16, 1986

MIAMI (AP) _ The long-time friends who killed two FBI agents and gunned down five others before being shot to death may have also killed each other’s wives, say police here and in Ohio.

″The two men were supertight,″ said Metro-Dade robbery Sgt. Tony Monheim. ″I mean it was ridiculous. I think they might have even had some kind of pact together to kill their wives.″

William Matix, 34, and Michael Lee Platt, 32, suspects in several bank robberies, died in the shootout last Friday with FBI agents on a suburban street.

Matix’s wife, Patricia, was stabbed to death in 1983 at the Ohio hospital where she worked. He collected a $350,000 life insurance policy, The Columbus Dispatch has reported.

Platt’s wife died in Florida of a gunshot blast in 1984. Her death was ruled a suicide, although police have now reopened that case.

Platt is a suspect in Mrs. Matix’s death, Columbus Police Capt. Antone Lanata said Tuesday.

He said detectives were never satisfied with Matix’s reaction to the slaying or with his alibi. Matix told them he was home with their baby daughter at the time.

Carol Lewis, a close friend of Mrs. Matix, said Mrs. Matix told her that her husband had an insatiable appetite for money.

″He definitely had a problem with money. Patty was always saying that he was trying to go through money,″ Mrs. Lewis said. After his wife’s death, Matix purchased a new car, motorcycle, many household items and expensive clothes, she said.