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Judge Hears Arguments Over Whether Marcus Allen Has To Testify For Simpson

June 21, 1995

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) _ A judge ruled today that he would hear testimony on whether Kansas City Chiefs running back Marcus Allen told O.J. Simpson he had an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson.

Jackson County Circuit Judge Thomas Clark was considering a request from Simpson’s lawyers that Allen be compelled to testify in Simpson’s murder trial.

Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey told Clark that trial Judge Lance Ito had found Allen was a material witness in the Los Angeles trial. But Clark said he had to make that determination and was ``precluded from rubber stamping″ Ito’s finding and forcing Allen to testify without hearing his side of the issue. The hearing was continuing early this afternoon, with Allen present.

Simpson is on trial in the killings of his ex-wife and her friend, Ronald Goldman, one year ago.

In court documents that seek Allen’s testimony, Simpson’s attorneys describe Allen as a ``necessary and material witness″ because, they say, a few weeks before Allen’s marriage in 1993, he told Simpson he’d had an affair with Ms. Simpson.

``In spite of this, Mr. Simpson opened his home to Mr. Allen, allowing him to use Mr. Simpson’s Rockingham Avenue home for his wedding,″ the documents say.

Defense attorneys have refused to be more specific about why they want Allen’s testimony, but Allen presumably would hurt prosecutors’ portrayal of Simpson as violently jealous of his ex-wife.

Allen’s attorney, Ed Hookstratten, last month called the affair allegations ``bogus″ and said Simpson’s attorneys had perpetuated rumors to benefit their case.

Allen has refused to discuss the case with reporters. Hookstratten said last month that Allen has repeatedly denied having the affair.

Simpson and Allen are longtime friends, both playing football at the University of Southern California. Allen has been a Chiefs running back since 1993. Before that, he played for the Los Angeles Raiders.

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