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AM-Prep: Kickers

January 11, 2019


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Usually a police chase resulting in an arrest would barely make the news. But in this case it does, because the person behind the wheel was bare while he was driving. Delaware State Police say they began pursuing a vehicle after it was spotted traveling south in the northbound lanes of I-95 — and they say the vehicle switched direction several times before heading into Pennsylvania. To get the vehicle to stop, authorities used spike strips to blow out the tires. That was no surprise — but what police saw next no doubt was. The driver took off running — but had taken off his clothes beforehand. Authorities caught him — and say 29-year-old Kyle Merena of Harrisburg was taken to a hospital for evaluation — and faces a variety of charges.


WYOMING, Pa. (AP) — She apparently wanted to be with a police officer in the worst way. And police in Pennsylvania say a woman has been going about that in the worst possible way. Authorities say Ashley Keister of Nanticoke used a cigarette butt receptacle to smash the glass doors to the West Wyoming police building early Monday morning — and went inside, rifling through file cabinets. The town police chief says Keister had been under investigation for harassing an officer who arrested her last year. The chief says the woman has been sending sexually harassing messages to the officer on social media — and would call 911 just to talk to him. Keister is charged with aggravated assaulted on a police officer, burglary and vandalism.


RIVERSIDE, Ohio (AP) — A Ohio man who just bought a new car wanted to make an impression by doing a series of doughnuts in a parking lot. He made an impact, instead — striking a power pole. Authorities tell the Dayton Daily News the man tried to pull off the stunt in a snowy parking lot in Riverside on Wednesday afternoon. Police say the man apparently lost in control of his newly-purchased Pontiac G8 and struck the power pole, knocking it over and leaving his car’s front end badly wrinkled. The man and his two kids were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Police say he’ll be cited for reckless operation.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II

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