LETTER: Support Tim Bjorkman for Congress in S.D.

October 10, 2018

We are so fortunate that Tim Bjorkman Is running for Congress. He stands squarely on the common ground important to so many families. He values what you value.

Do you value family farms? Tim Bjorkman supports family producers, not Big Ag, or their PACS and special interest money.

Do you believe people deserve good health care no matter their income? Tim understands how crucial affordable health care coverage is. He also opposes Big Pharma and what it’s doing to raise the costs of medications beyond reach.

Do you believe in the dignity of human life at all stages? Tim is a pro-life candidate and values practical supports for each person for the whole life — and in protecting vulnerable children both before and after birth.

Do you value the military and our veterans? Tim’s own father and three of his sons have served. He seeks to serve our veterans as faithfully as they have served us.

Do you believe that we need to expand good job opportunities and fair pay for all? Tim respects a work ethic and fighting for fair wages for a day’s work. He also wants middle-class tax fairness.

Are you concerned about government not working for you like it used to? Tim is, too. That is why he ran in this race. He was tired of the broken promises from career politicians. Tim is not a career politician and he is not doing this for the title. He is a workhorse. Vote for Bjorkman on Nov. 6. - Linda Bernard, Jefferson, South Dakota

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