‘Live and let live — or die — as the case may be’

February 6, 2019

What makes anyone think she or he has the right to determine if, when and how someone dies (“Six-month time frame added to aid-in-dying measure,” Jan. 29)? Those choices should be the decision of all individuals and theirs alone. Laws are meant to protect people in a society from harming others or being harmed by others. There should be nothing unlawful about choosing when, if and how you die. Those who think otherwise (i.e. our lawmakers) should stop being so self-righteous in trying to impose their beliefs on others. It’s time to live and let live — or die — as the case may be.

Shirley Cruse

Santa Fe

Show of hands

I would like to see a show of hands in the state Legislature to indicate how many of our lawmakers have had to depend on a food-service income for survival (“Restaurateurs use fear factor to hold line on wages,” Ringside Seat, Feb. 4). Let the minimum wage pass. Please.

Phillip Kehoe

Santa Fe

Super Bowl blues

Feb. 3, 2019: The New Orleans Saints would have beaten that team.

Harvey Morgan II

Santa Fe

Watch the video

I guess Bob Larsen (“America is not always the ‘promised land,’ ” Letters to the Editor, Jan. 23), just drinks the politically correct Kool-Aid and accepts whatever dribble is presented by CNN. If he would take time to watch the various videos of the Covington Catholic High School event, he might actually see what really happened on the National Mall.

As seen in the videos, those kids were under constant harassment from a small group of black radicals slinging racial, religious, political and other slurs directly at them and at others on the mall. Then Omaha tribe elder Nathan Phillips walks directly into the middle of the crowd of students (the boys did not approach and surround him) and deliberately beats his drum right in the ear of one of the boys who decided to stand his ground and take the abuse. Meanwhile, one of Phillips’ colleagues tells all the boys to “go back to Europe.”

I believe those students should be honored as heroes for maintaining their cool against the intense abuse they were taking from all sides. They presented themselves way better than the adult jerks harassing them that day.

David Dennison

Santa Fe

Naming opportunities

I think most of us know that Donald Trump is trying to instill fear in all of us that a border wall is needed because Mexican immigrants are, as he put it, “rapists, murderers, terrorists and members of MS-13.” Strange that two of Trump’s three wives were immigrants, as well as probably much of his staff — the people who clean and maintain his hotels, resorts and golf courses. I truly believe the only reason Trump wants this wall so badly is because he wants to hang his golden Trump name on it and call it “The Great Wall of Trump.” Aside from his shady tax reforms that only make the rich even richer, he sees the wall as part of his legacy that would stand forever. Our Democratic leaders know this. I just hope they don’t cave. Next, he’ll be wanting his face on Mount Rushmore.

Richard Duran

Santa Fe

Same but different

Interesting to note the 1956 Republican presidential platform: provide federal assistance to low-income communities; protect Social Security; provide asylum for refugees; extend minimum wage; improve unemployment benefit system so it covers more people; strengthen labor laws so workers can easily join a union; assure equal pay for equal work regardless of sex.

Today’s Republican Party is not the Republican Party of your fathers; it is a front to protect billionaires and throw the rest of us out in the street. By the way, this is left of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.

Richard Wilson

Santa Fe

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