MUSIC REVIEW: Moonlight by Johnnyswim

May 10, 2019



Released: April 19, 2019

Label: Britannia Row Recordings

Some lyrics on the new album from Johnnyswim “Moonlight,” could be mistaken for a departure from love.

“Hope you kept a piece of me. Display it on your mantle piece. / When time forgets and dust collects, at least you still get to hold me.” You’ll hear these words on “Souvenir,” a memoir of sorts from a past relationship. “Lost in Translation” sounds like the glue that was holding that past relationship together.

“Moonlight” comes with 12 new songs, including one from Abner dedicated to his wife, Amanda, titled “Amanda.”

On their previous album “Georgica Pond,” they featured Vince Gill on a track called “Lonely Night In Georgia.” This time around, they’ve featured the voice of Michael McDonald on “Last Time.”

KEY CUTS: “Lost in Translation,” “Bridges”

— Kiera Allen, Daily Journal