WASHINGTON PARK, Ill. (AP) _ Somebody stole the show, but it was no act. Carnival sideshow operator James Dill says his tents, stages and bullhorn are missing, as well as his star attraction, a fire-eating midget cowboy.

Dill said Friday he had done two shows this summer featuring a 32-inch-tall man from Houston and his normal-size brother, who was the master of ceremonies in the act, titled ''The World's Smallest Cowboy.''

The star performed such feats as eating fire, walking on glass and making a dove disappear, Dill said.

The sideshow was between carnival appearances and the brothers were staying in a trailer Dill owned in Washington Park, about 300 miles southwest of Chicago, Dill said. He also was storing equipment for their act there.

''We were just laying dead for a week, and they just simply took it and left,'' said the sideshow operator.

St. Clair County Sheriff's Lt. Otto Jakob said no charges have been filed and the case is still under investigation.

Dill discovered the theft when he went to meet the men Tuesday to travel to their next engagement, he said. The last time he had spoken with them was the day before.

Dill was splitting the profits 50-50 with the brothers.