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Who’s Fighting Whom In Bosnia-Herzegovina With AM-US-Bosnia, Bjt, and AM-Yugoslavia

November 11, 1994

Undated (AP) _ A look at the parties involved in the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina:

-The Muslim-dominated Bosnian government, led by President Alija Izetbegovic, is fighting to maintain a unified, multi-ethnic Bosnia. It includes Serbs and Croats. It has recently renewed an alliance with independent Bosnian Croat militias. The government holds Bosnia’s U.N. seat.

-Rebel Bosnian Serbs, led by Radovan Karadzic, went to war after Bosnia- Herzegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia in March 1992. Armed and supplied by neighboring Serbia, Serb forces have captured 70 percent of Bosnia’s territory. They want to unite their lands with Serbia and Serb areas in neighboring Croatia.

-Serbia, led by President Slobodan Milosevic, under increasing pressure from crippling U.N. economic sanctions imposed to punish Yugoslavia - of which Serbia is the dominant state - for fomenting war in Bosnia, cut off supplies to the rebels in August.

-Bosnian Croats captured territories in western Bosnia-Herzegovina early in the war and declared their own state. Under U.S. pressure, they agreed last spring to form a federation with the Muslim-led government and have begun to cooperate with it on the battlefield.

-Serbs who captured about one-third of Croatia in a six-month war in 1991 also have fought in Bosnia, most recently attacking the Bihac area.

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