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Trump, Pelosi, Schumer Bicker On-Camera In Oval Office Spat Over Border Wall; Judge Orders Porn Star Stormy Daniels To Pay Trump Attorneys’

December 12, 2018



<Date: December 11, 2018>

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<Head: Trump, Pelosi, Schumer Bicker On-Camera In Oval Office Spat Over

Border Wall; Judge Orders Porn Star Stormy Daniels To Pay Trump Attorneys’

Fees; Mueller Witch-Hunt; Google CEO Grilled; British Prime Minister May’s

Future Uncertain After Canceling Brexit Vote - Part 2>

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<Byline: Lou Dobbs, Ed Rollins, Gregg Jarrett, Sebastian Gorka>

<Guest: Andy Biggs, Victoria Toensing, Nile Gardiner>

<Spec: Google; Sundar Pichai; House Freedom Caucus; RINO; Business

Roundtable; Chamber of Commerce; Koch Brothers; Western Growers

Association; Brett Kavanaugh; Chuck Schumer;

The Russia Hoax : The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame

Donald Trump; Robert Mueller; Theresa May; Brexit; Google>

TOENSING: And it’s clear that Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein didn’t want to touch this thing one whit.


JARRETT: Well, Rosenstein was covering up his own wrongdoing which is why he was obstructing Congress.

DOBBS: Obstructing Congress, obstructing everything except one part here and that is his own conflicts are now being covered up. It’s not even a question. No one in the American Bar Association, and this is my question.

JARRETT: Yes. With all of you terrific attorneys, why doesn’t one person stand up and say stop it now, even from the ABA, wherever it may be?

TOENSING: Because it’s political, not legal.

DOBBS: Right. Well, speaking of political, not legal, if covering up all sorts of crimes is with a payoff is illegal, what about the, Victoria, those folks on Capitol Hill who have a slush fund to do just that? Are they going to -- are they going to jail? Are we going to see an incendiary sentencings memo from the Southern District on them?

TOENSING: Just so your viewers know, you’re talking about the fact that over 250 members of Congress have made payments to accusations of sexual harassment and other matters. And so what about that? If they’ve made these, if this is payments now, if by concocting a crime the Southern District has now unwittingly swept in all these members of Congress. And I’d love to know how they’re going to react.

DOBBS: I may -- I may owe the Southern District an apology and my thanks if that works.

JARRETT: No, they’re not going to do it. You know, they -- the feds already tried to prosecute a case similar this, John Edwards, and they failed in their attempt to convict him. So they’ve already gone down this road once before and they know they can’t win a case against Trump but they’re going to try anyway.

DOBBS: Maybe they could reopen the case against the President who settled for $375,000, his violations of electoral regulation. Victoria, thank you very much. Greg, thank you both. We’ll be right back.


DOBBS: Members of the House Judiciary Committee question Google CEO Sundar Pichai today. They focused on that anti-conservative bias that is Google’s and their concerns over data collection. Pichai denied any bias. He claimed Google employees are unable to manipulate search results individually. He downplayed a censored search engine that Google is building for communist China.


SUNDAR PICHAI, CEO, GOOGLE: I lead this company without political bias and work to ensure that products continue to operate that way. It’s not possible for an individual employee or groups of employee to manipulate our search fascility. Right now we have no plans to launch in China.


DOBBS: And during the testimony, a Democrat, even accused Google of an anti-liberal bias.


REP. STEVE COHEN (D), TENNESSEE: This weekend I was on MSNBC four times and yet with first thing that comes up is the Daily Caller, not exactly a Liberal and I guess well-known group, then Roll Call, then Breitbart News, then the Memphis Business Journal, then Breitbart News, then Breitbart. So, it looks like you are overly using conservative news organizations on your news.


DOBBS: You don’t suppose that was orchestrated in any way, do you? Then there was the leading radical Dem on the committee, Jerrold Nadler, himself, soon to be chairman bending over backwards to defend his corporate overlord.


REP. JERRY NADLER (D), NEW YORK: I must first dispense with a completely illegitimate issue which is the fantasy dreamed up by some conservatives that Google and other online platforms have an anti-conservative bias. As I’ve said repeatedly, no credible evidence supports this right-wing conspiracy theory.


DOBBS: He left out bass, didn’t he? Wouldn’t it be a vast right-wing -- any way. With just a quick view -- well, forgive the expression, Google search of our own, we did find that last year Congressman Nadler received more than 26,000 dollars from Google’s parent company Alphabet. Now that’s support and obviously, they got what they paid for. Google is also a major employer in Nadler district buying an office building this year in New York City for a total of $2.4 billion, small price to pay for his full support in Congress.

Joining us now, man who was in today’s hearings, Congressman Jim Jordan. He serves in both the Judiciary and Oversight Committees, he’s also Co- Founder of the influential House Freedom Caucus. Congressman, as always, great to see you.

REP. JIM JORDAN (R), OHIO: Thank you.

DOBBS: Let’s -- Jerry Nadler was very, very active in defending Google. You don’t suppose there is a direct correlation between that contribution do you. That’s almost too much to imagine.

JORDAN: Yes, here’s credible evidence that there is bias. How about Eliana Murillo the head of multicultural marketing at Google who the day after the 2016 election wrote a four-page e-mail to all the top executives at Google where she said this. We were trying to get out the Latino vote in key states. Another sentence, she says we were trying to get out the Latino vote by paying for rides to the polls in key states. And the keywords in both of those sentences in that e-mail were in key states which means they were trying to influence the vote in competitive states.

They were -- they weren’t -- they weren’t doing this in Texas in California where the largest Latino populations reside, no, no, no, they were doing it in what states that she mentioned, Florida and Nevada because later on or e-mail she says we wanted Hillary to win. So that’s his that’s his strong of biases you can get and yet Mr. Pichai today wouldn’t admit to that and basically said he disagreed with what she was writing. He said it didn’t even happen even though we had the e-mail there where in fact she said those things.

DOBBS: Yes. It was quite a performance by the CEO of Google and he’s not lacking in confidence as he -- as he stands -- sits before the Congress of the United States and spends up his perspective.

JORDAN: Remember, Lou, remember there’s three-point -- here’s why it’s significant. 3.5 billion searches done a day, the vast majority of those are done on Google’s platform. And if there is this bias, that’s why this is important, that’s why these matters. And when you have the head of multicultural marketing at Google saying we’re trying to impact the election, get out the Latino vote, pay for rights to the polls in key states, in competitive states that means something.

That’s why we had this hearing, and that’s why -- that’s why you’ve been talking about it, others have been talking about it, it’s why it’s so important.

DOBBS: The issue of political bias on the part of all platforms, social media, search, you name it is an extremely important issue and far too little has been done about it and it’s -- it is great to see you all focusing on it. Let me also ask for your thoughts. Your colleague Mark Meadows making it clear he would be -- he would be as he put it honored to serve with the President as his chief of staff. Your thoughts about that.

JORDAN: There was no finer gentleman than Mark Meadows. Super guy, respected, intelligent, would do -- would do an outstanding job. I hope that’s who the president selects. The only -- the only concern I have is Mark is my best friend on Capitol Hill and I hate to see him leave Capitol Hill. But for the good of the country, and if that’s who the president wants, he would do an outstanding job in my judgment.

DOBBS: Yes, I think that you’re exactly right. I think Mark Meadows would serve the president extraordinarily well. I hope he gets the job. Congressman great to see you as always.

JORDAN: You bet.

DOBBS: Jim Jordan --

JORDAN: Thank you, Lou. Take care.

DOBBS: You too. Thanks. Up next, British lawmakers submit letters of no confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May with good reason. I’ll take it up with dr. Sebastian Gorka, Nile Gardiner coming up here next. Stay with us. We’ll be right back.


DOBBS: Well, joining us tonight, the director of the Heritage Foundation’s Thatcher Institute Nile Gardiner, Sebastian Gorka Fox Business Network National Security Analyst. Thank you both for being with us. And let me start now with you. The -- apparently a no-confidence vote to be taken against Margaret -- I nearly said Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May. She is certainly no Margaret Thatcher, I think you would agree. She has really screwed it up, Brexit I mean. What do you think?

NILE GARDINER, DIRECTOR, HERITAGE FOUNDATION’S MARGARET THATCHER CENTER FOR FREEDOM: Well, I agree absolutely, Lou that Theresa May is no Margaret Thatcher. Her handling of the negotiations with European Union have been disastrous and have been weak, need nothing short of a surrender to the E.U., to the mandarins in Brussels concession after concession after concession.

DOBBS: Does this still Brexit?

GARDINER: No. I don’t mean it kills Brexit. What it means is that now her proposed Brexit deal, there’s no chance of it getting through the House of Commons. This doesn’t actually kill Brexit. Brexit is going to go ahead as planned on March 29th, 2019 but I think we’re heading for a no deal Brexit whereby there is a hard exit for the United Kingdom. Britain simply reverts to World Trade Organization rules in terms of dealing with the European Union.

DOBBS: So it’s still happening?

GARDINER: It’s going to -- it’s going to go ahead.

DOBBS: Well, let me -- let me turn to you, Dr. Gorka. What does this mean for the United States? Now, I was talking about a hard landing. I’m not even -- I think it’s hard. I’m not sure it’s a landing. And the E.U. is treating the U.K. basically like an enemy state. Your thoughts.

SEBASTIAN GORKA, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK NATIONAL SECURITY ANALYST: No, absolutely. I agree with Nile. So this is the absolute abject failure. This is -- this is the swamp in action. The British people made a choice two years ago. In the last two years Theresa May and the elite have utterly failed to implement the will of the British people. They think that you can stop the national sovereignty of a nation simply by meeting behind closed doors.

The mere fact alone, this is being -- this vote of no-confidence, we’re almost at the threshold number of 48 letters to create that vote of no- confidence. This was predicated on the fact that Theresa May’s government last week tried to hide, delete the so-called legal reasoning for why they’re creating this non-Brexit -- non-exit Brexit --

DOBBS: Because the establishment in the U.K. does not want Brexit. They’re trying to stop this cold and we’re a long way from watching the U.K. actually withdraw from the E.U. And what Theresa Mays actions have been, she may be a completely loathsome and incompetent leader but she has served her establishment masters well.

Let’s turn to Huawei and their chief financial officer by getting out on $7.5 million bail and she didn’t have to put up her husband or our children as she had offered to do to win her freedom. Your thoughts Nile on what is transpiring with China and the United States.

GARDINER: Well, I think it’s very important that the United States enforces you know, the Iran sanctions laws. And you know, any companies that are in violation of these sanctions must be held to account and their senior officials must be held to account. I think that you know any corporate entity on the world stage that is helping to facilitate Iran’s activities, I think the United States must act against those entities.

DOBBS: You realize full well that this isn’t a corporate entity, this is a government of Communist China in the form of a corporate entity --

GARDINER: Yes, exactly.

DOBBS: -- and violating U.S. sanctions even as we’re discussing North Korea, its denuclearization even as we are discussing balance trade relationships in the end of theft, Dr. Gorka, by China in the United States of hundreds of billions of dollars of I.P. and technology every year.

GORKA: Every day. This last point is very important, Lou. This is not a normal corporation. This woman -- let’s just stop and talk about this woman for a second. She is the daughter of the founder of Huawei, this huge Chinese I.T. high tech giant.

DOBBS: Third largest technology company in China.

GORKA: Not only that. She’s a former member of the People’s Liberation Army. She’s an -- former officer of the communist regimes armed forces and she’s an elected member of the -- of the Communist Party that runs the country so this isn’t a private enterprise, this is the Chinese state.

DOBBS: Yes. And what does that mean, Sebastian, for the relationship between the United States and China? What are the implications here?

GORKA: Well, I think this --

DOBBS: We have about 30 seconds.

GORKA: Yes. I think we may see some retaliation. This is a -- this is the flag, this is where the wake-up call for Americans and for businesses that China has been at war with us economically for decades, Lou. That’s the reality. It’s time we woke up.

DOBBS: And seemingly only President Trump has been awake to the issue for some years. Thank you very much, Seb Gorka,, Nile Gardiner. Thank you both.

GARDINER: Thank you very much.

DOBBS: Up next, the RINO in Congress failed to defend the President against incessant vicious attacks by the radical left. We’ll have much more on that when we come right back. Stay with us.


DOBBS: In following up on our conversation with Nile Gardiner and Sebastian Gorka on the implications of the Huawei case, we have just learned that President Trump has said he would intervene in the U.S. case against Huawei and its chief financial officer if it were to help close a trade deal with China. That just developing and being reported by the Reuters Wire Service.

And now turning to our bookkeeping. Last night we asked you whether you’re disgusted by the Republican Party’s failure to defend President Trump from attacks by the radical Dems, 91 percent of you said yes. And here’s where we are what we’re looking at tomorrow. President Trump battling radical Dems to secure the southern border. Congressman Andy Biggs on the battle on Capitol Hill.


REP. ANDY BIGGS (R), ARIZONA: President Trump really made the point very clear we have a drug problem, we have a national security problem on the border, and it’s the Republicans and President Trump that want to do something about it, its’ the other side that doesn’t, and we have to get it done.


DOBBS: Have to get it done. And Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Capitol Hill today grilled by the House Judiciary Committee. You know, he said that there is no plan at this point to take a censored search engine to China. That’s it for us tonight. Join us tomorrow. Former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, former ICE Director Tom Homan among our guests. Please join us.

Thanks for being with us tonight. Good night from New York.


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