Vermont Congress members seek to restore ‘net-neutrality’

March 9, 2019

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — The three members of Vermont’s congressional delegation are joining colleagues who are seeking to restore “net neutrality” protections.

Two years ago the Trump administration-led Federal Communications Commission ended the protections that began during the Obama administration.

The overturned rules had banned cable, wireless and other broadband providers from blocking or slowing down websites and apps of their choosing, or charging video services extra to reach viewers faster. The repeal cleared the way for service providers to engage in traffic controls as long as they disclosed them.

Legislation to restore net neutrality was introduced last week.

In a Thursday joint statement, Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy, Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders and Democratic U.S. Rep Peter Welch said “a free and open internet is essential” to the economy and free flow of ideas.