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Francois Mitterrand Undergoes Surgery

July 18, 1994

PARIS (AP) _ French President Francois Mitterrand, suffering from prostate cancer, underwent surgery for blockage of the urinary tract Monday and was reported in good condition.

The operation was the second performed on the 77-year-old president since doctors diagnosed his prostate cancer in the fall of 1992.

Mitterrand, whose term ends next spring, underwent surgery at Cochin Hospital. He was hospitalized on Sunday.

The surgery, performed by endoscope, ″went very well,″ his doctor, Claude Gubler, said in a statement. Doctors said later Monday that Mitterrand was awake and in satisfactory condition and was expected to leave the hospital on Wednesday.

Mitterrand’s doctors have said the president had not responded to hormone therapy as well as expected since prostate surgery at Cochin Hospital.

The blockage was a ″common evolution of prostate cancer,″ in which the tumor gradually grows to obstruct the urinary canal, said Dr. Marc Maidenberg of the Urology Center.

A June 30 medical report describing the urinary problem said the cancer had not spread to other organs.

The operation had been planned, and Prime Minister Edouard Balladur had been notified a week in advance.

The Socialist president was to spend two months in convalescence but was expected to attend some ceremonies. Mitterrand last week canceled plans to travel to Poland on Aug. 1 for the 50th anniversary of the Warsaw uprising.

The president, first elected in 1981, said last week that he would not run for a third seven-year term. Leading in the polls to succeed him is Balladur, a conservative, followed by Socialist Jacques Delors.

Mitterrand’s wife, Danielle, 70, underwent heart surgery Friday. She remains hospitalized.

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